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April 19, 2014

Chris Klewe on kick coaching

Sound familiar?
Want to know why your team has a shitty kicker? Because your team has a shitty coach who doesn't know the first thing about the basic fundamentals of kicking and punting, but figures that a soccer castoff will do just fine so long as he gets screamed at loudly enough.
His solution is simple (and one y'all have been trying to employ for some time):
If you want your team to stop trotting out Shanky McWideleft, then you need to get on the coaching staff's collective asses and force them to actually learn the fundamentals of kicking, and not just regard the special teams coordinator as the bottom rung on the ladder toward head coach. 
Or actually get a special teams coordinator.

(h/t @sean_fagan_1)

April 18, 2014

On to the Super Six

Finish the Drill, ladies.

The Gym Dawgs have their work cut out for themselves, but have been improving on the beam, which has been a tough spot for them all season. Put up a season's best on the beam and we've got a shot at this thing.

Brave new world

Digging this new Pruitt mindset:
Inside linebackers coach Mike Ekeler was asked about his presumed starters, first-team All-SEC pick Ramik Wilson, who had 133 tackles last season, and Amarlo Herrera, who had 112 tackles.
“No. 1, they’re not starters,” Ekeler said. “That’s jumping the gun right there.”
Hey, I'm really ok with a guy coming in and beating out Ramik or Amarlo and starting. Nothing about the past two DCs make me think that would be the mindset before.

The cool part is that is spilling over to offense:
On the other side of the ball, offensive coordinator Mike Bobo isn’t sure who his starting five on the offensive line will be for the season opener against Clemson on Aug. 30...
It remains to be seen if the days of Fair Bryant are really over, but I like it.

April 17, 2014

Tim Dixon to transfer

With Cannon and Dixon gone, does this mean we have room to recruit more not guards?

Fox is master of the art of revisionist history

Excuse me while I clear my throat...
"We got the top two guys we targeted all spring. We didn't lose them in the spring and we didn't lose some guys … if you believe what's on the Internet then shame on you, because we could not have taken a guard on scholarship in the fall. Don't act like we lost somebody because they're the wrong position. We missed on one kid we targeted early, which is part of it, but we feel good about what these guys can do it."-Coach Mark Fox in an interview with Anthony Dasher (I don't have the link, but it is on
Let's put aside the irony of Coach Fox giving the quote to an Internet outlet. He thinks all the recruiting services should be shamed.

From 247Sports:

  • Rating
  • NTL
  • POS
  • ST


Alex RobinsonAlex Robinson
Kennedale (Kennedale, TX)
Texas A&M
Devin MitchellDevin Mitchell
Collins Hill (Suwanee, GA)
Devin MitchellDevin Mitchell
Collins Hill (Suwanee, GA)


Ahmed HillAhmed Hill
Aquinas (Augusta, GA)
25 schools
Matthew Fisher-DavisMatthew Fisher-Davis
Charlotte Christian (Charlotte, NC)
Marial ShayokMarial Shayok
Blair Academy (Blairstown, NJ) 
17 schools
Chai BakerChai Baker
Malone (Malone, FL) 
Oregon State


Grayson AllenGrayson Allen
Providence (Jacksonville, FL)
Tadric JacksonTadric Jackson
Tift County (Tifton, GA)
Georgia Tech
Jalyn PattersonJalyn Patterson
Montverde Academy (Montverde, FL)
This list jives with ESPN's offer list. That's ten guys that two media outlets just absolutely missed getting the information right on. Or made up. Or lied about. Because Georgia certainly didn't waste offers on guards, if I'm reading Coach Fox's words right.

So are we to believe that if Tadric Jackson or Devin Mitchell decided to come to Athens we'd have said no? Really? Are we to believe that if Ahmed Hill calls Coach Fox today he's going to tell him we're good at guard, no thanks?

That's crazy talk. I'm much less bothered about this year's recruiting than the no back up plan plan from years past. Frankly, that quote is insulting in both message and tone to the most ardent fans of the program. You can bet recruiting was one of those things McGarity talked to Coach Fox about. And if I'm the AD, I'm insulted by the message and tone, too.

The thing is this: Coach Fox is burning good will with those fans needlessly. He got the extension. He did a good job this season getting UGA to the postseason with a lineup that was exposed as suspect early. He signed one guy that looks to offer some immediate potential and another that is a project, but with a ton of upside, and those two look to be improvements over the one guy that just quit. And we didn't fight Lamar off for either of them.

Much like Fox yelling at the students chanting 'one more year' to KCP, when it was the first time in the game the student section had a pulse, this quote illustrates his disdain for dealing with those of us that support the program because we don't do it the way he wants us to. I'm no marketing expert, but I know enough to say that isn't the way to build excitement for your program.

But what do I know? I read the Internet.
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