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July 24, 2015

Something to think about...

I was poking around strength of schedule numbers and came to two realizations:

Twitter breaking scenario: Georgia's schedule is such that we could lose one game, not play in the SEC Championship and still make the Playoffs. We lose a close game to say Tennessee, to make Barrett Sallee happy. They lose to Auburn or Alabama in the SEC Championship game. Georgia is sitting there with wins over the SEC Champion, Sun Belt Champion, ACC division runner up, and one close loss on the road to the SEC East winner.

Not saying we'd get in, but if it is a choice between us and a team that had Baylor's profile last season, it is a close choice, conference co-champion or not.

Salty SEC homer Twitter scenario: Georgia wins the East with two losses and beats the SEC West winner and keeps the SEC out of the Playoffs. To that, I'll simply eat my delicious grapes, stare at my SEC banner, and not worry a bit over the SEC not getting a team in the Playoffs.*

Just things I was pondering looking at our schedule.

*I am not saying I'd be satisfied with a mere SEC Championship, so all you OMG!!!1!!YOUARETHEPROBLEMACCEPTINGMERESECCHAMPIONSHIPS folks can calm down. This is a hypothetical.

July 23, 2015

That program stinks

Thank you to Timothy Poore for making everyone's afternoon a bit brighter....

SEC "Good" Road Wins

David Wunderlich at Team Speed Kills breaks down each SEC teams last 'good' road win. He defines that as "the most recent road wins over teams that finished above .500 in league play."

Here is his list:
AuburnOle MissNov. 1, 2014
GeorgiaMissouriOct. 11, 2014
South CarolinaMissouriOct. 26, 2013
MissouriGeorgiaOct. 12, 2013
Texas A&MAlabamaNov. 10, 2012
AlabamaLSUNov. 3, 2012
LSUTexas A&MOct. 20, 2012
FloridaVanderbiltOct. 13, 2012
ArkansasSouth CarolinaNov. 6, 2010
Ole MissFloridaSep. 27, 2008
VanderbiltOle MissSep. 20, 2008
Mississippi StateAuburnSep. 15, 2007
TennesseeLSUSep. 26, 2005
KentuckyArkansasOct. 19, 2002

A couple of thoughts. One, Georgia doesn't show up in here as much as I thought it would; I am looking at you South Carolina, Kentucky, and Tennessee. I guess when you lose to Kentucky and Tennessee on back to back weekends at home, that gets puts you half way to a non-winning record. I'm looking at you 2006.

Two, Alabama's road games haven't been that tough. Since that win at LSU in 2012:

Texas A&M (Win against 4-4 team)
Kentucky (Win against 0-8 team)
Miss State (Win against 3-5 team)
Auburn (Loss in Kick 6 game, Auburn played in BCSNC)
Ole Miss (Loss against 5-3 team)
Arkansas (Win against 2-6 team)
Tennessee (Win against 3-5 team)
LSU (Win against 4-4 team)

And there were some squeakers in there: barnburner last team with the ball win over A&M in 2013, OT over LSU last year, 1 point over Arkansas last year. That isn't to say UGA hasn't had their obvious clunks, especially last year, but it bears watching as we go into this season with Alabama coming here and us going on the road to Auburn and Tennessee.

Thank God someone finally called Bradley out

Oh, wait. It was Steve Spurrier. And he thinks Bradley is a UGA homer?
I do not think that means what he thinks it means.

Now, if the AJC really wanted to troll him, they'd get Bill Stanfill to write columns.

July 22, 2015

Tight End U

Not to say this is prophesy (especially since I've been mostly not writing since winter), but I've been telling anyone that'll listen that the TEs will be the most underestimated piece of UGA's offensive success in 2015.

Now, Saturday Down South's Murph Baldwin puts meat on that bone:
Deploying multiple tight ends forces a conflict of assignment — at least from a personnel perspective. On one hand, you need to keep base personnel on the field as the offense has two extra blockers on the field for the run game.
In his companion piece, he breaks down the four headed monster that we'll see in Blazevich, Rome, Davis and Hicks. I especially like his assessment of Hicks, noting his athleticism in blocking schemes, and his ability to turn standard gains into long gains. I can't say why he hasn't blossomed into the dominant player I thought he'd be, but the pieces are there for him to have a huge Senior year.

While I want to see us open the offense up more, it wouldn't hurt my feelings to see us run multiple packages with two TEs. All four TEs are capable of creating coverage issues for LBs, especially in packages that demand the LB decide between covering the H/Y back and staying in on run protect.

The only question is will Schottenheimer trust his instincts to allow that to work.

July 21, 2015

Ticket cut off scores updated by UGA

We've gotten a little more information since June....


Additional Single Home Game Tickets
  • Louisiana-Monroe: All donors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Southern University: All donors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Alabama: All donors who ordered will receive tickets (Offered only to donors with 150,000 or more points).
  • Missouri: All donors who ordered with 19,476 priority points or higher will receive tickets.
  • Kentucky: All donors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Georgia Southern: All donors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Refund checks for unfulfilled orders will be mailed late-August following final determination of priority requirements.
Away Game Tickets
  • Vanderbilt: All donors who ordered with 14,001 priority points or higher will receive tickets.
  • Tennessee: All donors who ordered will receive tickets.
  • Auburn: To be determined by July 31st pending final allocation.
  • Georgia Tech: To be determined by July 31st pending final allocation.
We are still awaiting word on Florida.

There are a few single game tickets for UL-Monroe and Southern available from the UGA ticket office, as well.


Having fun, Mark Richt?

I don't think he's too worried about the things Dan Wolken thinks he worried about.

As it was put on Twitter....

Georgia Bulldog projected 2015 kickoff times

The first three weeks of the schedule is set. Remember, CBS will no longer have the exclusive 3:30pm window for their SEC on CBS national game. That being said, the SEC on CBS will retain the first pick, working with the conference, for the 3:30 time slot.

The way it worked last year was the SEC Network had up to 3 game slots per Saturday, typically around the noon, 4pm, and 8pm hours. Usually, the SEC worked to only have one other game against the CBS game. Also, ESPN grabs games as they see fit, such as the South Carolina at Georgia game on September 19th.

As we saw last year, the biggest upside of the SEC Network is that the SECN has acquired the third tier rights for all football games. Any game not covered by either CBS or ESPN/SECN will likely be picked up by Fox Sports South (or their other regional sports networks).

Times and networks in bold are confirmed.
9/5/15UL-MonroeNoonSECN Tickets
9/12/15at Vandy3:30 pmCBS Tickets
9/19/15South Carolina 6 pmESPN Tickets
9/26/15SouthernNoon FSS  Tickets
10/3/15Alabama3:30 pm CBS Tickets
10/10/15at Tennessee7:00pm ESPN Tickets
10/17/15Mizzou4:30pm SECN Tickets
10/31/15Florida3:30pmCBS Tickets
11/7/15KentuckyNoonESPN2 Tickets
11/14/15at Auburn7:30pm ESPN  Tickets
11/21/15Georgia Southern4:30pm SECN  Tickets
11/28/15at Tech7:30pmESPN  Tickets
  • CBS still has their doubleheader weekends. Those weekends are scheduled November 7th for the 3:30/8pm weekend and November 14th for the noon/3:30. 
  • If the season goes how I think it will, we'll be playing the night game at Auburn. Oh. Joy. If the season doesn't go the way I think it will, then it could be at 3:30 on CBS, especial if the SEC West is on the line with Arkansas at LSU. Or LSU throws their sucker in the dirt about only having five night games this season.
  • I'm an idiot. I originally had the doubleheader weekends backwards and didn't back edit times. I don't see us getting a fourth CBS game unless both Georgia and Auburn are undeafeted. Or LSU throws their sucker in the dirt about only having five night home games. Then we'll be the 3:30 game on CBS. No chance we'll end up getting in and out of Auburn at 11am local, is there?
  • I am very uncertain on the Southern game's network, as the SECN did some co-broadcast last season. The conference has eight games in their inventory that weekend, with five conference games. UCF at South Carolina is the only 'big' non-conference game in the inventory, so I'd guess that is a late SECN game, unless ESPN picks it up. I am certain that Southern will kick off at noon.
  • It is possible the Tennessee game is at 3:30 on CBS, but Arkansas is at Alabama that same week. Look for this to be a 6 day window week, with Alabama at Georgia/Arkansas at Tennessee the week before.
  • November 21st, Cupcake Saturday, has nine games in the TV inventory. Fortunately, our game is against a Georgia Southern team that should be making late season noise in the Sun Belt, so I think we'll be pitted for a later afternoon game on the SECN. 
So there are my predictions. Kickoff times during the season are announced 12 days ahead of time (usually Monday around noon Eastern), unless the TV partners go to a six day window, which they can do twice. The weekend of Oct 10th is likely to be at least one of those 6 day window weekends. 

July 19, 2015

November 21st, Cupcake Saturday

November 21st has the potential to be the reason the SEC doesn't get a team in the playoffs. Scheduling a patsy Saturday the next to last weekend of the season made sense under the old regime. Now, it gives national media/opinion makers cute talking points about SEC's refusal to play OOC games against Power 5 conferences. More importantly, it gives the playoff committee reason to evaluate the SEC is so tough discussion in less flattering light.

Of course, that defies logic with Georgia, Florida, Kentucky, and South Carolina playing ACC teams the next week, but whatever. All those folks will see is this:

Charleston Southern at Alabama
Idaho at Auburn
Florida Atlantic at Florida
Georgia Southern at Georgia
UNC Charlotte at Kentucky

The Citadel at South Carolina
That's the likely SEC West (Alabama/Auburn) and East (UGA) winners playing two Sun Belt teams (Idaho, I looked that up, and Georgia Southern) and one FCS team. Throw in Kentucky or Florida playing for the C-USA title that weekend, there are no winners unless all of the SEC teams win big.

This isn't a call for a nine-game SEC schedule, but if you want a very good revenue reason for doing so, this week is a solid top three.

SEC Season Schedule

Compliments of @UGAKerri.

July 7, 2015

Athlon has UGA in the Peach Bowl

But remember, the Peach ain't what it used to is more.

The real question I have is does Athlon really think the SEC will have two semifinalist and two at large picks?
By my count, at least two of UGA, Auburn, Alabama, and Ole Miss will have at least two losses. It also means either Auburn or Alabama will go into the national semifinals with a recent loss, since one will have to win the SEC, meaning the other lost to the SEC champion in a battle for the West on Thanksgiving weekend.


June 23, 2015

Ticket Cutoffs


That's the Hartman points it will take to get tickets this year. That is up from 1001 last year. Either fans are really betting on UGA this year or the new young alumni program is paying off.

We'll know about single game tickets, away game tickets, and Florida tickets after July 31st whenever we find out about them.

Blutarsky called the jump the 'Bama effect. If that is the case, I hope all you cats out there who put up big numbers to ensure you got Alabama tickets don't 1)Sell them to some bro wearing houndstooth, and 2)you come to some of those other games that we need fans at.


June 22, 2015

Iktsuarpok: Is it football season yet?

Iktsuarpok (Inuit): That feeling of anticipation when you're waiting for someone to show up at your house and you keep going outside to see if he's there yet. 



June 21, 2015

UGA composite rank

There are a few to go, but here you go.
UGA's highest rank is sixth, by Phil Steele.

June 19, 2015

On the QB situation

Earlier today, I had the pleasure of being on Marc Weiszer and Fletcher Page's podcast with Blutarsky, which was released today. One of the questions revolved around the QB situation, specifically, who will be the starter.

That got me thinking, especially since I've changed my mind several times, why do I think it'll be Brice Ramsey Faton Bauta?

I'm starting with the assumption that Lambert won't be the starter. If he comes in, learns the playbook, takes control of the team, and has the physical tools to beat out two players that have been here all along, then good for him. I don't see it happening. And if it does, our QB situation was far more dire than even the darkest of dark place Tyler would have been allowed to think about.

So that leaves us Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta.

Why Bauta?

It is really a process of reverse logic, which I'll admit is full of flaws. The thing that keeps standing out to me is 'Why open up the quarterback race?'

Ok, I get we have a new coordinator. But why not chose one after GDay? Why wait? It was clear (to me) that one QB had the ability to put the ball in places better than another. It is clear one has more arm talent, better footwork, and sees more of the field.

Yet I think it'll be the other QB starting.

I don't have a dog in the hunt, other than wanting the coaches and offense to feel they've got the guy in that will give them the best chance to do what they want to do on offense. I just think it'll be Faton Bauta right now.


PS. Yes, I know this is a stream of consciousness semi-rant.
PPS. And I'm willing to be wrong on this. This is written to help me flesh out some stuff in my mind about what our offense will actually be when we get to September.
PPPS. Hint: it'll be a lot of handing the ball off and exploiting match ups in short passing game.
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