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October 31, 2014

Friday Morning Meltdown: Florida

* Hatin ass Muschamp.
* Mindset of Georgia's team after the week we've had dealing with the NCAA.
* Mark Richt losing control of Will Muschamp's career at Florida.
* Hutson Mason proving all those that compared him to Joe T III right.
* Nick Chubb's ankle.

I've got some money to lose to Bernie playing golf.

October 30, 2014

Kentucky kickoff

In case you missed it, it'll be a noon kickoff on ESPN from Lexington.

Goodbye Carnival

Headed back to the world where the right thing is punished.

3 Questions: Florida

This is Georgia Florida. Records don't matter. Who's been playing what way doesn't matter. Florida is playing for Will Muschamp's job, too.
  1. Who benefits more from the off week? The smart money is on the team that has less to fix and adjust, but....but the Gators have everything to fix and adjust. Will having an extra week mean they find some answers?
  2. How does Treon Harris' promotion change the game? I'm not saying it does, but having an off week certain helps. He has looked just like the Freshman he is, but he has also looked far more effective in moving Florida's offense. As a bonus, he is a QB that can tuck it and run. While I like our chances if he gets too cute, or is in a run first attitude without considering throwing, we have a tough choice if he starts executing the Gator's offense the way Roper wants his QBs to. That means using quick middle and precision passes, coupled with timely runs, all while pushing the tempo. 
  3. What does Pruitt have in store? Freshman QB and head coach's job on the line? You'd think Pruitt has invented new ways to blitz. Harris only has 18 attempts, with two of those going for 70+ yards in the Eastern Michigan game. Roper is going to keep it simple for Harris and pick his spots. Pruitt will have to do the same.
Like I said, this is Georgia-Florida. Anything goes. Their defense is very good. If we can create opportunities and win field position, I like our chances.

October 29, 2014

Todd Gurley and the Deep Blue Sea

There is very little that could have upset the calm of harboring in Freeport, Grand Bahamas this morning. While Freeport is merely the port of Jacksonville with prettier water, the weather is sunny and just right. And the drinks are paid for.

Then the NCAA happened.

Hemingway cautions against writing mad. He reminds us that words flowing from anger are not the truest simple sentences, which by his view is the base of any good writing. Hemingway was not a UGA fan dealing with the follies of the NCAA, though he certainly drank like one.

Now we are left with the aftermath of doing the right thing. The NCAA made a point of recognizing that. That is like the dude that holds you up pistol whipping you after you hand over the money. Then complimenting you on how you took you beating.

I've never been a fan of the NCAA. I have viewed it as a useful evil, if for no other reason than to keep the playing field mostly level. Now I know I was wrong. The field is only level for those willing to play by the rules.

Much like my ex wife and Southern Comfort, the NCAA swears the are there to make you feel better, but here I am feeling like I've been ball punched. Again. Time and again, programs that do it right are penalized, and nicely patted on the back, while programs that obfuscate and deny are mostly shrugged at. The incongruity of that inaction, while praising UGA's investigation, should be too much for anyone in BMHH or the President's office to tolerate. To make matters worse, they make up about half of it up as they go.

Some "member service organization."

Now is the time for the University of Georgia to be the leader it was 30+ years ago when it led the charge that opened up college football for the TV masses. UGA should encourage the SEC and programs from other conferences to leave the NCAA. If the NCAA is going to be the parent that smacks the kid that is honest enough to fess up while willfully ignoring the kid that is sneaking booze and pot into their bedroom, it is time to leave the house.


Get your picks in

Just because I'm on a cruise doesn't mean you get a week off.

Get your picks in.

October 27, 2014

Annual Celebration of the Repeal of Prohibition

Seems about right. Rex Edmondson, former sports editor of the Jacksonville papers, called the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party the annual celebration of the repeal of prohibition. I can dig that.

Lewis Grizzard ran with that, too. "Drunk as five eyed owls." Yep.


October 26, 2014

Defensive strategy: LBs dropping into coverage

I've had the chance to go back and watch the Arkansas game. There are two very different things that happened in the game. First, Georgia took far fewer defensive chances in the second half. Second, Arkansas decided to go over the middle more.

In the second half:

  • Allen completed 20 of his 28 passes
  • Arkansas had 230 yards through the air
  • The Razorbacks scored three passing TDs, two of them in 4-6 yard territory
Now, there were a couple of things at play. First, with a significant lead, Pruitt blitzed less. Second, by doing so, we were seeing what we could do in coverage while rushing four. Third, that led to a number of pass interference calls, including three in the second half that extended drives.

Oh, and it also resulted in a number of plays where a late releasing WR was open in the middle with a linebacker in hot pursuit, but not closing fast enough.

I get what Pruitt wanted to do. Without the game on the line, he was getting his young CBs some work on an island, and our LBs some more work in covering middle passes. Call it a mixed bag, because I thought Bowman did a good job, outside on one glaring mistake. I wanted to read more into the breakdowns on pass protection in the second half, but I think we went away from what worked in the first half on purpose.


October 25, 2014


I normally try to get a trip of some sort in during the off week if it falls right before the World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party. This year, the wife and I are cruising out of Jacksonville to the Bahamas.  I have a few things qued up for the next week, but posting will be light until Thursday or Friday.

Considering what I expect my bar tab to be, it might be light those days, too.

October 23, 2014

The ball ain't heavy

I love me some Nick Chubb:
Chubb said the heavy workload hasn't impacted him because he got plenty of snaps at Cedartown High.
“In high school, I got about 30 carries (a game) and played defense,” he said.
I get there is some drop off from the SEC to Region 5-AAA, but still. He's leading the conference in touches in conference games.

Thursday night game

In the pick'em pool. Get your picks in.

October 22, 2014

UGA to request reinstatement for Gurley: But how many games will he be out?

Can be found here.
Todd has confirmed his desire to seek reinstatement, and the University fully supports Todd's request. The University plans to file the necessary paperwork with the NCAA later today.
The rub is it looks like the University was done on October 9th, which was the day he was suspended. The DawgVent melt down begins in 3....2.....1....

My take is absent information to the contrary, and with consultation of William King, Gurley's UGA funded compliance lawyer, UGA felt they had enough to show he would be out at least two games. And King was holding UGA off so he could do his diligence.

What the statement didn't address, and the $400 question out there, is how many games did UGA ask for him to be reinstated after.

Will Muschamp not fired watch: Day 2

  • Jones: How did Florida and Will Muschamp wind up here?
    • So it's easy to point at Muschamp but look around. This staff, as a whole, just might be the worst Florida has had in two decades as far as getting production in key situations when needed most. All came to UF with accomplished careers. The stock has risen ... on none of them.
  • Statistics do not favor Florida Gators embattled coach Will Muschamp
    • Following the team’s fifth home loss in two years, Muschamp again repeated that his team’s struggles fall on his shoulders. And yet, he appeared to blame his players for their constant issues in pass protection, special teams execution and quarterback play.
  • And you've also lost Tim Tebow
    • "I don't think the offense has an identity right now, and I don't think that they know what they want their identity to be," the former Florida quarterback said on Jacksonville sports radio station 1010 XL. "One of the biggest problems on the offense is leadership."

October 21, 2014

CBS picks Georgia 5th in the SEC

Basketball season is right around the corner. UGA finished tied for 2nd with Kentucky in the regular season, and lost to the Wildcats in the semifinals of the SEC tournament.
The regular season kicks off at Tech on November 14th.

Bovada Odds has Georgia moving on up

Odds courtesy of Bovada.

Alabama                                   8/1                     6/1
Mississippi State                       7/1                    13/2
Florida State                             6/1                     7/1
Mississippi                               15/2                   15/2
Oregon                                     14/1                   15/2
Georgia                                    14/1                    8/1
Michigan State                          15/2                   9/1
Ohio State                                14/1                   10/1

I guess going on the road and winning with your fourth string TB means something to bettors.
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