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September 22, 2014

And he is the backup

@marcweiszer: Georgia RB Sony Michel named SEC Freshman of the Week after 155 rushing yards and 3 TDs on 10 carries Saturday. Shared via TweetCaster

Auburn reportedly recruiting Jonathan Taylor

Of course, they are.

In light of the Ray Rice stuff, it would be a very interesting move, considering why Taylor was dismissed.

I'd be interested to know what steps UGA took to educate him, as well as what counseling is available to him after his dismissal. I'd also be interested to know what help UGA gave to help his (hopefully ex) girlfriend in terms of counseling and assistance.


Vandy a 4 p.m. Kickoff on SECN

Noon ET / 11 am CTTexas A&M at Mississippi StateESPN
Noon ET / 11 am CTFlorida at TennesseeSEC Network
3:30 pm ET / 2:30 pm CTAlabama at Ole MissCBS
4 pm ET / 3 pm CTVanderbilt at GeorgiaSEC Network
7 pm ET / 6 pm CTLSU at AuburnESPN
7:30 pm ET / 6:30 pm CTSouth Carolina at KentuckySEC Network

SEC Power Poll Ballot: Week 4

  1. Alabama: We need to get hip to the possibility that Kiffin can coach offense a little.
  2. Texas A&M: A&M's fun time beating up really rich kids ends. 
  3. Auburn:  I'm still willing to give Auburn the benefit of the doubt after that dud in Manhattan.
  4. Georgia: Georgia still has pass defense issues, but with the running game they have, teams can't throw when their offense is on the side line.
  5. Mississippi State: Just manhandled a team that doesn't get manhandled, especially at home. 
  6. Ole Miss: As long as Bo Wallace is the QB, Ole Miss is going to Clemson a game or two.
  7. LSU: Les Miles nearly Les Milesed another win.
  8. South Carolina: The Gamecocks are close to being Georgia 2013, except Georgia's 2013 team wasn't 109th in scoring defense.
  9. Arkansas: This is the offense Bielema wants to run. If he finds a defense, the Hogs will make some teams miserable later this season.
  10. Florida: Agent Muschamp is on the clock. He'll need to win out to keep his job.
  11. Missouri: You know, Indiana isn't that bad of a....bwahahahahahah. You lost to Indiana, bro.
  12. Kentucky: At least they didn't lose this week.
  13. Tennessee: At least they didn't win this week.
  14. Vandy: The effort against South Carolina was very much what Vandy thought they were getting with Mason. Another one like this and the Commodores move out of the cellar.

3 Questions Answered: Troy

  1. How many touches will Todd Gurley get? Not many. And he didn't need many.
  2. Is this a defense get right game? A shut out is nice, and so many guys got to play. I'd still like to see us doing more to keep teams from hitting long passes on us, but our defense is our defense. We'll have to keep the pressure on via scoring and blitzing.
  3. Will Marshall Morgan lose his confidence? No. He struck the ball well and hit at least seven of his eleven kickoffs into the end zone.
Now on to Tennessee. 

September 21, 2014

Vote for Sanford

Sports on Earth's Will Leitch is doing a stadium bracket, and we get to vote. The trick is he's starting with the SEC. We have to get Sanford into the top three in the conference to move on in the voting.

Vote here. We Dawg fans have some work to do. Leitch is an Athens resident and regular at Georgia games so we owe it to him to get Sanford into the deeper rounds.


Vandy Kickoff Time?

Good news, no chance the Vandy kickoff time gets put into a six day window. With the possible match-ups the week of October 4th, I think the networks will use one of them:

Sat, Oct 4 # 8 LSU at # 5 Auburn
Sat, Oct 4 # 3 Alabama at # 10 Ole Miss
Sat, Oct 4 # 14 South Carolina at Kentucky
Sat, Oct 4 Florida at Tennessee
Sat, Oct 4 # 6 Texas A&M at Mississippi State
Sat, Oct 4 Vanderbilt at # 13 Georgia

They'll wait a week to see what happens with Arkansas vs. Texas A&M. If A&M wins, that A&M at Mississippi State game is going to be your 3:30 CBS game. If not, then it'll be Alabama at Ole Miss. It is possible they'll throw LSU at Auburn in there on the window, but with the Tigers' loss last night, I think they go ahead and put that game as an ESPN game, probably at noon.

Whichever game isn't picked for the CBS national broadcast (A&M at MSU or Alabama at Ole Miss) will be an ESPN networks prime time national game.

The better news is that the SEC Network has three time slots to fill with the rest of those games. Looking at the three games available:

Vandy at UGA
Florida at Tennessee
South Carolina at Kentucky

One stands out as a likely nooner, based on getting eyeballs on the channel: Florida at Tennessee. Throw in that UGA will have had Troy and Tennessee in consecutive weeks with noon kickoffs, I would think we'd be looking at at least a 4:00 kickoff.

If it is noon, I give up. I just don't see any rational explanation other than UGA has told the conference to put us at noon all the time. Considering it is also homecoming, that would be just dumb to do to your alumni, your alumni and development professionals who are forced to pack meeting with donors and alumni into less time, and students.

-Tennessee tickets available
-Vandy tickets available

Notes on the really irrelevant: Week four polls

UGA moves up to 13th in the Coaches' Poll, while gaining ground on a couple of teams in front of them. Dawgs are up to 12th in the AP, still ahead of South Carolina at 13th. Mississippi State jumps from unranked to 14th with the win on the road yesterday. LSU falls to 17th. Overall, eight of the top 25 are SEC teams. Missouri fall out with the loss to Indiana. MISSOURI YOU ARE DEAD TO THE SEC

Sunday Morning Comes: Troy

All points are made with the "yeah, but it's Troy" caveat...
  • I haven't done an official count, but we must have played 2/3 of the signing class yesterday. 
  • For today, I'm going to embrace the inner Dawg fan and say Hutson Mason's performance was exactly what he needed to get some kinks worked out. The pass to Towns was really nice.
  • Good route and catch by Towns, too.
  • Speaking of nice end zone catches, the interception by Terry was a thing of beauty. Excellent job to recognize, change directions, then get up and to the ball. Not hard to see the receiver in him there.
  • Hello, punt return game. The Grayhound is dead.
  • A shut out is good. And our defense looked like we adjusted plenty when we needed to to stop drives. 
  • Marshall Morgan hit the ball with plenty of confidence on his lone FG attempt. He also had 5 touch backs, and two more balls in the end zone. 
  • The one down side is we still looked vulnerable in our double wide safety set. I don't recall seeing any of that after Troy's first drive.
  • Sony Michel, you are on the clock.
  • Good to see Douglas get some touches. 
  • The offensive line was effective at giving the QBs time to throw, when we threw. See our rushing stats for what you need to know about run blocking.
Overall, this is a good get right game with the Volunteers coming to town.

A note from your mom, Tennessee Bros

It never stops being funny.

September 20, 2014

Troy quick thoughts

Just got back from the Troy game post game tailgate. A couple of thoughts:
  • I know it was a blow out that the score didn't accurately indicate just how much of a seal clubbing it was, but I wish we'd let Mason get a couple of more series. Still didn't see him progress to third or fourth receivers, not that he needed to. Hard to complain about 8/11, but it was as good an opportunity to polish things as we'll get this season.
  • Thought Todd Gurley would get to at least 100. Glad he didn't get hurt. Hate that Keith Marshall got hurt, but glad to see Sony Michel get some work in.
  • The shut out is nice, but I felt like we did great work defensively figuring out what personnel groupings worked best together. That is a bigger take away defensively.
  • Marshall Morgan's one kick looked really good.
Definitely a get right win, though.

Saturday in Athens

G Day level crowd. Y'all get on over here.

September 19, 2014

Mark Richt has lost control of Rex Chapman

The good news is he can always go play at Auburn.

3 Questions: Troy

Dive in, water is fine...

  1. How many touches will Todd Gurley get? I agree with Blutarsky that we'll see way more passing in this game than a normal tasty cupcake game. The question becomes how much does Gurley touch the ball. I'm ok with six to eight touches, especially if he breaks a long one. That'll mean we worked on passing plays and other TBs. If we're calling on Gurley later in the game, that probably means we have to put Troy away. 'Having to put Troy away' is only good if you are in Hellenic Greece.
  2. Is this a defense get right game? Having the game reps will help, but last week showed we have some structural issues as well. 
  3. Will Marshall Morgan lose his confidence? He missed two in a row. While neither were yippie type kicks, he's shown he feeds of confidence. While I don't think he'll get too many FG opportunities here, it'll be interesting to see if we go for a long one if the chance presents itself. We'll need him in a good mental state later in the season more than we'll need a 4th down conversion from the 33 yard line.

Friday Morning Misery: Troy

It is hard to get worked up over a team that lost to Abilene Christian last week, but I've got issues with some of you people. I spent some time reviewing the South Carolina game last night instead of watching football strugglefail from Kansas. I'm officially worried about a couple of things:

  • It is an unofficial count, but I didn't see Mason go to his third receiver but once in 22 attempts. He completed 16 passes, so that isn't something to freak out about, but if we get into a situation where we are in a must pass situation, it is something to keep your eye on.
  • Another thing is that I might have been a bit too harsh on the Oline play. It wasn't where it was with Clemson, but it was better than I was thinking. It still wasn't where I was hoping it would be considering we are 'a running' team.
  • This is the kind of game that folks will point at and whisper 'Georgia ain't that good' if we only win by 21.
  • Todd Gurley's ankle.
  • Spurrier smug assing us late Saturday night.
Anyway, have fun.
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